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Broome Day 5: The Wedding

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The AarliSaturday 4th October 2014

Today was a day filled with much anticipation for a number of reasons. There was the wedding of course and Ma and I had not yet met the Groom, we were going to breakfast at The Aarli and the Broome markets were on at The Old Courthouse.

Our family are connoisseurs of breakfasts and really thrive on the experience. A colleague of Ma’s who used to live in Broome had recommended we try the large vegetarian dish. The person who suggested it mentioned avocado, tomatoes and some kind of fritters. She also suggested we order it with bacon. The Aarli was so quaint and relaxing, with trees growing out of the pavement by the side of an old building. Tables nestled in amongst the branches, bases and leaves. Geckos climbed every surface and the breeze carried the natural scent of dry bark and green mangoes. A nicer seat could not be found for a meal if we tried, and believe me we have been trying for a while now.

Of the food, I would like to go in to more detail than I probably could or should. I will say that the menu rivalled the flavour combinations of some of the more creative eateries of Fremantle or Leederville. The coffee was neither burnt nor weak, but served as the original baristas intended a coffee to be made. The juice was squeezed fresh and the water was nicely filtered and cooled. The large vegetarian breakfast dish was three corn fritters served stacked on tomato slices on a bed of guacamole with a coriander, feta and leaf salad side. Ma ordered mushrooms to accompany hers, I regretfully did order the bacon but it did not at all suit the dish, although it was nice bacon and well cooked.

A short stroll across an intersection landed us at the start of the markets. I was astounded at the size of the markets and the range of products to purchase. The quality of soaps, candles, clothing, artwork and jewellery was pleasingly high and very quickly we agreed between us to do two laps, one for looking and one for buying. I tend to buy most of my things at markets so this was potentially dangerous territory for my savings and potentially exciting territory for my imagination. In the end I selected a few spice mixes for meat and vegetable marinades, some natural soaps, a necklace for Ma and some gifts to thank Ry and her husband for being so great to us during our stay. I wanted to go crazy with gifts to thank them for generosity but I restrained myself with logic and financial rationalisations.

At the markets Ma found a fellow, Russell, who heals auras and energy by removing blockages in the chakras. She thought it sounded good and so purchased a session for me. I was open to the help and lay down in my meditative state, focusing on the stone most likely to heal and help me, this being the White Quartz. Russell did his thing and I meditated.Later he informed me my Vishuddha (Throat) Chakra was blocked and I need to think of White Quartz in my Vishuddha and Rose Quartz in my Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra to heal my energy flow completely, otherwise my energy will continue to catch at the base of my skull. There was more to it, but that is another story…

Ma and I drifted back to the hotel about this time. We needed some time to relax (such an intensely busy week!) before we readied for the wedding. By this time there were four girls from my year of boarding school staying in the rooms near ours, all up for the wedding. The girls mostly had their man fellows with them, I was fine hanging with my mother, no shame here! We were only two kilometres down the road from the ceremony and reception location, which was the Cable Beach Surf Lifesaving Club. This meant it was easy to get to and return from. It was also easy for Ry and her husband to park out the front for the evening and wait in the reception area until the rest of us guests had gathered, and we could all stroll down the road together to the sunset celebration.

The wedding was the most laid back, festive and joyous occasion I have ever had the privilege to be a part of. There was no constraint on the attire, no pretension about location, food or the guests. Everyone looked like they had just walked in out of the water (except without the dirty, salt-water scraggliness you get from beaches of course!). The altar was a garden frame with multi-coloured streamers flowing from the top and bottom set against the sun setting over Cable Beach. Sun beds, chairs and cocktail tables were scattered throughout, and most guests leaned on the timber railings. Sunnies, thongs and boardies were the predominant mans choice, dressier thongs, sundresses and braids were favourable in the womens fashions. It wasn’t long before everyone had their shoes off and a beer or wine in hand.

Wedding Altar

Sho walked over the red dirt and on to the green grass with such speed and happiness I knew how much she wanted this day. A bridesmaid and groomsman held each of the sons, the couple couldn’t stop grinning it made MY cheeks hurt. Some little cousins stood near the altar, constantly allowing the Broome breeze blow bubbles into the adoring crowd.

Do you get the picture yet? I liked this wedding. I was so happy for Sho and her man. So blessed to be invited. So hoping to one day feel that much love, yet wondering how it would fit in this little body. Sho herself looked ready to explode and He had a smile so big it made him seem 8,000 feet tall!

Joyous Wedding

Such joy!

The Kid and her husband were at the wedding as was Rik and her new little boy. He had grown much since I had last seen him at the wedding. Ma was socialising with what seemed like a third of the population of my home town and so I stayed in exactly the same place all evening, particularly as it got late and I got tired. I couldn’t see people as well in the darkness, and I had been up and active so long and I am still not very used to that so eventually when I found Ma I was able to politely convince her without too much fuss to take me back to the hotel. That was after 9pm I think.

I like to party! And by party I mean socialise but still be in bed at a reasonable hour and without excessive consumption of alcohol!


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