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Broome: Day 1: Arrival

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Tuesday September 30th 2014

Ma and I had packed the day before. Well to be honest, she had packed the day and I started dropping it together that night. I had lectures all morning so left the house at 7.30 completely in a tizz. It was the last week of lectures and classes before the School of Education went into hibernation (most of my classmates were off to do their pracs before the exams hit in).

Early afternoon I sat around and mused about how much study and assignment writing I would actually do (hence how many books I should pack). Late afternoon I was showing Ma all the pretty things I had sewn and drawn lately. By bedtime I had thrown all possible outfit contenders on the floor by my bag. It only took 12 more hours for me to select, assemble and pack. I broke my bag as the taxi arrived.


Coffee and juice at the airport. Online check-in is stupid and I hate it. I am intentionally skipping all this dull stuff. I wrote my 1000 word essay in the first 20 minutes of the flight and had no back up plan for the next 2 hours. Ma was discussing agricultural developments in the state in another row with some fellow. I listened to Soja on my music player. We landed at 6pm. In Perth 6pm is nearing sunset at the moment. In Broome, because it is much further east, even though it is on the coast also, the sun is down and the town is basically in full darkness by 6pm.

This was our first surprise.

We exited the plane on the tarmac and walked in to the airport. We had left Perth in 23 degrees Celsius and arrived in Broome in 30.

This was our second surprise.

Even being an Australian, growing up with unsealed dirt roads and kind of orange looking dirt and desert scenes in our town. Even then, when I knew that the dirt was red and had seen the pictures and heard the stories and had Kimberley rocks sitting on our dining room table briefly from my brothers’ earlier trips up north. Even with all this, I still wasn’t prepared to see the taxis and sidewalks dusty out the front of the airport with the bright red Pindan dirt of the Pilbara and Kimberley of Australia.

This was the BEST surprise.

We were quickly in to our room and on our way to a place that would serve us dinner after we had been dropped at our hotel Beaches of Broome. Two blocks down the road and around the corner we found Divers Tavern which was an amazingly good meal, prices were average for Bistros meals of that size and quality anywhere in Western Australia.

My meal: Fish of the Day. Pink Snapper served on coconut rice patty with steamed asian greens

Ma’s meal: Seafood Spaghetti Marinara

Both were exquisite.

After dinner we meandered down a road in the direction we heard waves and within only one block found ourselves on the famous Cable Beach! I decided that I would be here again at 7am tomorrow for a stroll and pictures. Ma encouraged me to do so, as long as I didn’t wake her until 8 or 9 for breakfast.

I could feel it was going to be a wonderful holiday and fit my last dislodged pieces back into place.

Ma at Cable Beach


Author: Chevron Spots

I am in my mid twenties and fighting my battles to discover who I am and where I fit in to this zany, beautiful world. I was diagnosed with Lupus in in 2008. This takes up most of my focus, as I want to share the experience of trying to live with and rise above chronic invisible illness, so to speak. I would like to stress very much the information regarding medications, medical procedures and illnesses are discussed from my point of view, and with my understanding, colloquialisms and metaphors. I do not attempt to be legally and precisely accurate for the general population, rather I try to be emotionally and descriptively true to my experiences. I hope I can help in understanding others with chronic illness by providing one more personal recount of just how spontaneous and difficult these lives really are. One day I hope to visit every continent, climb some pretty high mountains, sleep in an ice cavern, marry a wonderfully understanding man, have children and teach more children. Mostly, I just want a simple life, you know the house with a husband and kids. Oh, and no pain.

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