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Christmas 2012!

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What can I say. Christmas was quite uneventful in my corner of the globe. We had a small amount of family over for lunch, and then The Kid joined us in the afternoon with her fellow, Doug. I don’t feel that strongly about this particular holiday. There is a lot of fuss and money spent for one day, three meals and ‘X’ number of family and friends.

The focus of this day is about giving gifts, eating, drinking and making this big fuss. Since I don’t like a big fuss or spending money unnecessarily, the day seems a bit over the top really. I’m not a scrooge. I just feel that if I were to spend hundreds of dollars in one day giving food and things to others, I would prefer to be giving this stuff to someone who really needs it. Someone who lives with less than I do, who might need clean water and warm clothing.

Instead, we buy for people that could buy things for themselves. We buy things that people don’t need, just want. We fill our tables and our stomachs with so much more food than we would normally eat, but still people are still going without basic amenities. I suggested to some people that I would like to give them less, so that I can give something to someone in need. Some people were okay, but a lot laid out a ‘guilt-trip’ because “I have already spent $X on you, what do I do with that?” to which I insisted passing it on to someone else, donating it, or not spending anything on me. I was okay with this.

In the end I went with small gifts of more value and practical use, since it just seemed easier than anything else. I also bought a lot of gifts for overseas donations. The food I ate was the same as any other in portion size, and I even managed to freeze some away for a rainy day when I may need it.

Christmas was a nice day. We swam and ate and told everyone close to us how much we cared for them. Maybe next year we can do more for others, but at least we are starting to try and there is much more honesty amongst us nowadays.


Author: Chevron Spots

I am in my mid twenties and fighting my battles to discover who I am and where I fit in to this zany, beautiful world. I was diagnosed with Lupus in in 2008. This takes up most of my focus, as I want to share the experience of trying to live with and rise above chronic invisible illness, so to speak. I would like to stress very much the information regarding medications, medical procedures and illnesses are discussed from my point of view, and with my understanding, colloquialisms and metaphors. I do not attempt to be legally and precisely accurate for the general population, rather I try to be emotionally and descriptively true to my experiences. I hope I can help in understanding others with chronic illness by providing one more personal recount of just how spontaneous and difficult these lives really are. One day I hope to visit every continent, climb some pretty high mountains, sleep in an ice cavern, marry a wonderfully understanding man, have children and teach more children. Mostly, I just want a simple life, you know the house with a husband and kids. Oh, and no pain.

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